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For Sale, below below market prices:
1st 1,000 (soon, there won't be any of these left that haven't been driven).
#518, red, loaded w/all 3 option grps(leather,pwr,convenience pkgs), air, six speaker XM-CD-MP3, ltd.slp.
Has 38 miles(taken home from dealer, covered, and locked in garage, not driven.
I am unable to use my GM card earnings on a 1st 1K and have a second solstice dealer allotment order (identical model) arriving now from the dealer, for which my card earings will be allowed. Don't really need two of these cars. Paid cash - has clear title.
Currently, there are 4 other loaded models on the market for $31,000 to $35,000 (& some are being driven and have miles on them already). Will sell for less than these.
Serious callers only, please.
H 734-379-4781
C 734-552-4897
O 313-389-7540

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This section is not an area for discussions. It is an area to sell cars. If you want to have a thread talking about this put it in the Off Topic area and link here. If you have a serious question about this purchase then you can post it here. Because the current discussion as it's going is just detracting from this person trying to sell their car, and would then be considered throwing cold water on his sale.

I appologize for this TR6, and I've removed all the posts that do not pertain to your car sale.
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