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I've searched read the many hitch, and hitch & aftermarket exhaust threads.

I purchased a Curt Hitch made for the Redline but because of my RPi Exhaust will not fit.

I think maybe the hitch can be modified to make it work with a little creativity. I had an appointment at a performance shop that does custom fabrications, so I had them take a look while I was there.

I was surprised that they did not think it was possible.

I'm looking for some kind of solution and wanted to hear what others suggest or have done.

I'm wondering if the shop didn't want to modify the hitch for liability purposes if it were to ever fail. I've seen the thread where a huge cut out was taking on one hitch to make it fit. Honestly, that kind of modification would make me nervous.

Are there shops that make custom hitches? Or is there any specific RPi owners who have found a solution? Or any type of specific shop that you believe would try to make it work?

I almost believe is you flipped the flanges on the Curt hitch it might work.

It is currently shaped like [__] but if you cut of the flanges and flipped them like so ]__[ I think it might get alot closer to fitting.


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any chances of changing the way the Exhaust comes back around the hitch . Most mufler shops can do wonders they can also rework the Hitch maybe .
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