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Hey Guys,
Timo4563 is organizing a run from San Diego all the way to Portland.
The WCKCC and other West Coast Kappa owners are going to join them on different legs of their run as sort of a hospitality escort. Keep an eye on this thread over on the Sky forum for dates and times.

san diego to portland 2010 - Saturn Sky Forums: Saturn Sky Forum

Unfortunately, I have to admit, the soul has gone out of a lot of us Sol owners. Most event are like 5 to 1 Skys to Sols. Don't let the spirit die. We need you to step up and stay active on these forum threads and mostly at the meets. The West Coast Kappa Car Club has planned a butt load of great meets for 2010. This run is sponsored by the San Diego contingent of Kappa owners. There is not competition between these organization. There is support and good will between these clubs. We need your support to keep them going.
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