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I ordered the Solstice about 1-2 weeks after the Apprentice contest. I am 13 of approximately 27 or so of the 1st allocation at the Kirkland Pontiac Dealership (Dealer with one of the biggest allocations in WA State). I do not expect deliver until November/December. However, I went and spoke with the sales person today. They are expecting the 1st of there 1000 allocation within the next 1-2 weeks. The salesperson told me that there was 1 cancellation so they moved everybody up on the list and did not take the order for the dealership to put on the lot. The salesperson informed me that he is buying 1 at MSRP and had an early order but that the owner of the dealership had him change to a later number so that the customers would be before him. Kirkland Pontiac has been very easy to work with. Just thought I would start this thread for anyone who lives near Seattle. Oh - and since I did not order leather seats, I will let you know if my order gets picked up before any of the orders that have leather seats. I would prefer leather seats but had to draw the line some where.

Air Conditioning, Power Package, Convenience Package, Four Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes, Limited-Slip Rear Differential, Carpeted Floor Mats, Black Exterior & Black Interior, and Painted Rims.


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