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Several (Minor?) Problems

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Hello everyone, I've recently joined the forums 10 minutes ago so a big greeting to all the veterans! Anyways.. I have previously been meaning to get into cars much and what better time than when my car gets messed up a bit?

1st problem - My AC seems to be functioning, but rather under full capacity. Not sure if it is the fan, the air compressor, or the actual Freon levels, (not 100% sure what I'm talking about - very new to cars, at the moment), but when I set the temperature all the way to cool it is still quite warm, I would estimate about 80ish or so degrees and it gets hotter when turning to the warmer side, so the knob works at least to an extent. Any solutions? Also i have a few pictures of inside my hood that might help, as I don't know the parts or much about cars as mentioned, any car experts' advice is welcomed and appreciated.

General Picture of my engine bay: Picture #1

A close up of a discharge or a possible leak: Picture #2 (Could anybody tell me what this wire/valve is for? Could this be a link to the AC and its problem?

The windshield fluid was open like this when I popped the hood earlier, could this be the issue with the AC? And how much should I top it off? Picture #3

Additionally my rear differential has been making noise when turning, some say it's from the power steering, some say the fluid or "Slip" so I was wondering if this will fix it: GM Limited-Slip "Posi" Additive - On another forum it said adding this additive should reduce the noise and lubricate it (not sure what exactly) to resolve the issue.

Lastly I had an encounter with my garage a week ago and managed to scrape it :cuss: but the damage does not seem to be that bad and I was planning on repairing it myself. I figure it's only a paint issue and under research have concluded I need a primer, base coat, and clear coat. Picture #4

I understand multiple aspects of my post have been already answered and I have looked at a few threads concerning my problems, but I have not found specific solutions or similar issues like mine so any information and extra advice will be regarded and thanks to all who take the time to respond!
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