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My 1987 Porsche 944S caught fire while I was driving it and burned on Monday. It's totalled. For various reasons, I'm considering not getting another Porsche.

Compared to my 944S, the Solstice weighs 200 lbs. more and has 20 less horsepower--so it's roughly on par. I'm going to hold out for the 'performance' version should one arrive.

Regarding the base Solstice, I have the following quesitons:

1) What kind of brake calipers does it have? Are they fixed (multiple piston) or floating (single piston)? My recently deceased 944S had 4 piston Brembos in front and 2 pistons in the rear with a 33/1 proportioning valve. It could stop like nothing else I have ever driven.

2) Is the engine an interference design? The achilles heal of the 944/968 was the an interference engine design in combination with timing belts. A broken timing belt meant bent valves. From what I understand, the Solstice uses chains all around. Still, the cars have similar compression ratios. 10.9/1 for my 944S, 10.6/1 for the Solstice.

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Being a fellow Porsche owner (1978 924) and having some history with the 944S also I can answer #2 at least, I'm not sure about #1 though. The ECOTEC uses a timing chain and not a belt like the 944's. So in essence no harmful spacial coexistance problems like the 944 engines were prone too when the belts went.
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