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Slashed top... can just the outer canvas be replaced?

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So some idiot last night decided to break into my solstice by slashing through the side of the top by the window so they could put there arm through and unlock it... What I'd like to know is can you replace just the top canvas part or does the entire top need to be replaced?

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You should be able to claim this on your comprehensive policy. Comp is cheaper than collision and maybe you have a way lower deductible. I have 50 for the wifes and 250 for mine but collision I have set at a grand. That would be my first step. that's what it's for.

And real sorry to hear this, totally sucks. I would have shot him for you if I had witnessed it. without hesitation. you don't F with another mans automobile.

You also should look around and you might get lucky and find a totalled Solstice and be able to buy the whole top for less then 500. Just a thought.

Until you get it fixed, I'd get some strong thread and stitch it up so you can at least drive it.

3 weeks ago my son left my wifes samsung galaxy S3 in the 06 on the seat and someone stole it. Fortunatly though, he followed my instructions to NEVER lock a convertible so all we were out is the phone. he tried to blame me but I also told him to never leave anything in plain sight too. I'll show him this post so he can see what can happen.

Good luck with the insurance or finding a used one. This totally sucks.
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My dad always said if a thief wants something, he's gonna do whatever he can to get it. If not a slashed top then a broken window. My 88 camaro got broken into and they tried to steal it. broke the steering column and the ignition was on when I got outside. what saved me was a kill switch I installed. so for my efforts, they stole the stereo. I had it locked and they got in thru the rear glass.
I've had 4 cars broken into and each time they took something. the first 3 they broke windows. the last one, I had it unlocked. However, the theifs left behind one of those emergency glass breakers so if it would have been locked, not only would my speaker box be gone but I would have had to pay for a broken window too.
I never lock my car any more.
This reminds me. 2 weeks ago, one of the guys on the C3 Corvette forum came home and found his car vandalized. They kicked the doors and jumped on the hood and crushed the lights in amongst other things. He called his insurance company and got an estimate and the ended up totalling in and he only got about 9 grand. He could have easily sold it for about 15 but this car was his pride and joy and now it's gone. There are some real stupid people out there and I'm sure one day it will catch up with them. karma can be a bitch. if not though, that's why man created bullets!
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