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Press release from a glass company listing type of glass used in Sol & Sky...


Benefits provided by the use of a PVB interlayer include:
* Superior Interior Sound Control - Laminated Glass reduces noise
entering the vehicle by up to six decibels in the most sensitive hearing range
(1000 - 6000 Hz). Conversely, it also keeps the good sound in, enhancing the
listening experience for passengers.
* Solar protection - Laminated Glass screens up to 95 percent of the
sun's harmful UVA and UVB radiation that can cause vehicle interiors to
deteriorate. The product has an ultraviolet protection factor of 50+ (SPF).
With the addition of a metallic interlayer, Infrared Radiation is also
significantly reduced, resulting in a cooler, more comfortable interior.
* Enhanced Vehicle Security - Laminated Glass takes up to ten times
longer to penetrate than standard tempered glass, thereby deterring
opportunistic thieves looking for an easy target.

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Woohoo! Just the kinds of features you've gotta consider and you'd want in auto glass :thumbs .... unless, of course you're talking about a softtop convertible that is. :lol :rolleyes

Hopefully this glass costs less than whatever is commonly used. The bean counters would have a field day otherwise! If they moved from a trunk latch system with two latches to a single latch system so they could spend the money on this glass, I'm gonna lose it!
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