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I want to compare the MX5 to the Solitice I drove(http://www.solsticeforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3426). The manufacturers are going to make this possible. I'm signed up for both of the aforementioned driving events in Houston- anybody else?

I think it would be an excellent idea to collect future reviews from those of us who have driven both vehicles to sound off our comparison. The Mazda event looks to be much more performance-oriented, based solely on their website. GM's thing is a "drive almost everything we have-plus some competitors" affair, with the the reigns loosened for the 'Vette and SSR drives- only one trip per person though, on a short track. It is fun to drive the H2 over the hill and see nothing but sky going up and nothing but dirt going down.

I know the Mazda will be a great, if different, roadster, and you must respect the aspect of competition it offers. Before the dawn of the Solstice, I was dead-set on a Mazdaspeed Miata, and though the NC exterior design has effectively anhillated any desire to purchase one, I want a deeper understanding of the nature of the "enemy"(Sun Tzu would be proud, eh?).

After my lap in the Corvette last year I chatted with the chaperone driver who rode with me in the 'Vette. He was extremely helpful with impromtu driving advice and, since it was early and no one else was waiting, switched places with me and showed me "how it's done". (This was a unique situation where I arrived really early, no one was behind us, and I suggested a demo with extreme, extreme politeness and obsequiousness-probably won't work for anyone else) Well, holy cow, it was just poetry. That guy could drive on a whole other plane of existence.

Anyway, it's on now, with the first Solstice going to it's new owner.
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