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Solo Mach Shorty System installed a few weeks back

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Had the SOLO Mach Shorty put on and wanted to share some pics. There were some issues that needed the assistance of Jeff at Solo but i want everyone to know that there customer service is 5 star ! I am very pleased with the sound and look of the system , something that the GM Performance one failed for me,although its in the basement as a back up. Right now i am hoping that the rest of the Summer can be enjoyable. :cool:

Here is a link to a video i posted on Facebook of the first start up.

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Thanks for the compliment ! It takes a lot of patience and work keeping the car this way living in New Hampshire. A garage has been my blessing since delivery from the factory back in the summer of 07. My dealership is always amazed when it goes up on the lift and when it was put on a flatbed for the first time a couple of weeks ago for the water pump replacement the driver was freaking out on the undercarriage. I do miss out on things by not being able to drive when there is bad weather but as you can see the results show many years later.
I could tell right away the car had not been in the rain, at least not recently. Ours has yet to see rain since being delivered to us. And it's pretty clean underneath, but yours looks cleaner, even your diff and what not looks totally clean of any grease/oil.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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