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SolsticeGuy1980 said:
I may have to sell my first 1k Solstice due to the fact of a lay off. Please email me if you are interested with an offer at [email protected].

I have one of the first 200 according to my dealer so I should receive the car within the next week or two.

Let me know...Thanks
Here is a bit of advice to you if you are buying a car for future (quick) resale. It works in California, don't know about other states.

Lease the car to avoid paying sales tax (of course you'll have a $700 leasing fee or thereabouts), then when you sell the car buy it out from GMAC. They sell it to you for the unamortized amount on the contract, and then it is your responsibility to take the paperwork to the DMV, who will collect the sales tax. But of course if you sell the car before they come asking for their sales tax, you are off the hook. Worked for me on a 2004 CTS I traded in (GMAC wanted a big penalty for trading it in but sold it to me for the amount due on the note - go figure).
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