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So I was out for a drive this evening and noted that the DIC was warning me to check my tire pressure. Scrolling through the display, it showed that my LF tire was showing significantly lower pressure than the other 3 tires. So I checked the pressure on all 4 tires when I got home. Oddly enough, it was the LR tire that was underinflated compared to the other 3 tires.

Confused, I turned to the Solstice Forum and searched for tire pressure monitor and came upon this thread:


which contained gwhunter12's post with the following info:

Just remember to reprogram the ECM if you've rotated the tires. Such as front left is now the rear left tire. Owners manual has a walk thru system to reprogram this.
Really??? You're telling me that we need to re-program the TPMS system every time that we rotate our tires? You gotta be kidding me.

But sure enough, I head to the Owner's manual and read through the convoluted procedure required for the TPMS to "learn" the location of each sensor. So I followed the instructions and diligently went around the car letting out air from the each tire in sequence until the horn sounded telling me that the system had learned the location of each sensor. And, Lo and Behold, it actually worked and now showed the LR tire as the underinflated one. Voila! I re-inflated each tire to 212 KPa (metric up here) and am good to go.

Thanks forum contributors!
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