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Solstice License Plate Frame

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E-bay has a plate frame in chrome with Solstice on it. Guy has a few auctions going with same item.

E-bay Link
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I saw those when I found the SOlstice for sale on eBay, I was very tempted to get one then since he's selling them fairly cheap for being metal. :D
That's pretty funny considering the car doesn't have a top or trunk we can see yet :lol: :brentil:
:lol: Thats funny since there are no cars to attach it to yet! :lol:
Here's a dumb thought. If it turns out that the license plate bracket gets mounted offset, then those of you in state where required would want a second bracket for your whatever plate. First one is free but second one will cost unless those of us in states where not required order the bracket and then give it to you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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