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Pittsburg Post 10/6/2005

The Pontiac Solstice model may well be as close as you are likely to get to owning a Solstice, because the real car is virtually a sell-out. The Solstice is winning fans because of its affordable price, brisk handling and acceleration and curvy good looks.

All of those qualities are captured well by Maisto's model, which will be built in a dark blue shade. The review copy was pre-production, so it did not have some of the final detail that will show up on the production model. Maisto should give some attention to the painted-in openings where the back-up lights are located and add decals and details to gauges and the instrument panel as well.

But other than that, the Solstice model is a dead ringer for the real car. Maisto managed to capture the contours just right, which given the design, probably wasn't an easy task to accomplish.

All of Maisto's 1/24th products generally retail around $9, and can be found at most "big box" stores and hobby shops.
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