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I was visiting our local Pontiac/Mazda/Dodge dealership to take a look at a new Miata they just got in (they've been sold out for 3 weeks). In the showroom is a Deep (dark blue) Solstice with the Steel/Sand leather interior. The car belongs to a customer that has agreed to let the dealership show it over the weekend. Since it doesn't have a factory sticker on it and it is roped off with the top up, I can't really tell what else is on it. But, if you haven't seen one in person or want to see this color, it's there for this weekend only (9/30-10/2). Here's the dealership:

John Hine Pontiac Mazda Dodge
1545 Camino Del Rio South
San Diego, CA 92108

This is the first time I have seen one in person. Very nice! Although I can now see why there has been so much complaint on the appearance of the top's buttresses. There's one thing I did not like though. The bright 18" alloys on this dark color make the car look like it sits too far off the ground. I'm assuming a lighter colored car won't have this visual effect.
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