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Just an article I came across in the Toronto Star.

First 1,000 Solstices snapped up in minutes


Pontiac began accepting U.S. orders for the first 1,000 Solstice sports cars last week, as a special promotion in conjunction with the TV show The Apprentice.

All 1,000 were sold in 41 minutes.

Those cars will have serial numbers one through 1,000, exclusive badging and a certificate of authenticity.

In addition, GM said, more than 4,000 other Solstice orders were received as part of the promotion and placed on a wait list.

To help maintain interest, powertrain and suspension upgrades and even a racing program (with Mazda's Miata seen as the prime rival on track) are planned, said Mark Reuss, executive director of GM's performance division.

During a panel discussion at the SAE World Congress in Motown last week, he showed a photo of a coupe version labelled the 2007 Solstice GT, but wouldn't confirm its production.

A coupe version was shown along with the roadster when the original concept car debuted at the Detroit auto show in 2002.

The Solstice will arrive at Canadian dealerships this summer with a base MSRP of $25,695.

It will be followed about a year later by the Saturn Sky and subsequently in Europe by the Opel GT, both of which share the Solstice's rear-wheel-drive Kappa platform.

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