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Spark Plugs

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Hann stage 11 turbo is installed on my 2.4 and I can't say enough about it like night and day as far as performance goes and yes I should have bought a GXP but my wife loves the color and we could not find one at the time .Anyway so now I'm doing the fine tuning and detailing and I want to replace the plugs with a colder set and copper any suggestions? I'm looking at Champion SRT4's ,Performance Autowerks sells NGK's for 47 bucks but I would like to find a set that I could get locally.The weather in Ohio is starting to turn so I have at most a few weeks to play with it before it goes into storage .Any input would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance! Next up total suspension upgrade starting with adjustable sway bars from Performance Auto Werks.
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Hann stage 11 turbo is installed on my 2.4
Thought they only went to stage 10? 11 must be new:thumbs:
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