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I thought I would generate a thread for events in the General Northeast Area. Not limited to anything or anywhere specific at this point.

I am in Albany NY, and usually travel to events from Syracuse NY - Framingham MA. Rockland Co - Lake George and Lake Placid, Most of Vermont, and most of Connecticut.

If this is a duplicate thread please let me know.

There are always lots of events to attend. I often feel I hear about them after they've occurred, so this might get a head start for the season.

Events DO NOT have TO ALL be car show related. If there is an event worth driving to that you are interested in, others might be as well. So post it, and you might have company! State Fairs, Big E, Concerts, Lime Rock Park, Watkins Glenn, Boat Shows, Concurs for other clubs, all worthwhile.

Feel free to post or contact me for anything related to this post.

Thank You, John


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