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For ALL Kappas!​

1. WindRestrictor is a world renown company.
2. A DIY project, we install in about 90 minutes or less.
3. Models are made for over 10 types of cars.
4. Now available for convertibles and coupes.
5. Made from Acrylite, forget yellowing and deep scratches.
6. State-of-the-art bracketing eliminates shaking and rattling.
7. Around the clock technical support through our website.
8. Comprehensive set-up instructions included.
9. Tested at over 100mph and stayed secure.
10. No unsightly and unsafe plastic belts or straps.
11. Upon installation you'll instantly notice a decrease in airflow to your drop top's cabin.
12. Laser-etched graphics don't fall off or block vision like decals and stickers.
13. Our art team can recreate ANY graphic for custom design.
14. Pick one of eight colored lights.
15. Patented design traps the light in perfect showing off your new work of art.
16. Further customize with one of our accessories.
17. Officially licensed by Ford, General Motors, and Mopar.
18. Dedicated shipping technique gets your product to you in top notch condition.
19. FREE Lifetime warranty.
20. 10% off when using the link in this bio.


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I got one about a week after geting my solstice....it dosent work sitting there in the box....someday I will have to put the top down and install it.( Ive never had the top down,,,,not once.) now that i think about it I guess it does work in the box....with the top up.
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