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I've had a request for making some "SUPERCHARGED" windshield banners to match the SOLSTICE logo font.
I've reworked the lettering so it will fit in the area at the top of our windows.
These can be cut in Silver Metallic or Bright Yellow or as on my coupe in a slate or charcoal metallic vinyl. They are short enough (1") to prevent the wipers from chaffing at the letters when in use.
If you're interested in acquiring them, PM me with your mailing address.
They'll cost $12 each includes application instructions and an applicator squeegee, plus shipping!
Here's a pic of similar copy I have on my windshield so you can see the placement and size.

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I seem to remember that there was an allowance for supporting members to sell limited amounts of things like this. Steve is a supporting member.

Something like a "Supporting Member Guild".

I remember Latin Venom selling his brace, and trunk coolers, several different supporting members selling hats and t-shirts.

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