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As some of you know we offered teh T56 kit before, but we took it down while we were working on getting some of our products updated and easier for installation. We have now completed the overhaul of our T56 kit and it is back up for sale now!

The install kit starts at $3750 and has a couple options.

We have seen stock transmissions start to have an issue at stock power levels with long term driving on them, let alone at higher power levels then stock. The Factory Syncros in 3rd and 4th gear are the weak spot and will start to wear over time at higher power levels. So we are the first to come up with the ultimate upgrade to the stock 5 speed transmission. This T56 conversion swaps in a 6 speed T56 transmission from a Pontiac GTO with a LS2 V8 into the Pontiac Solstice or Saturn Sky and gives you an almost indestructible transmission in the Solstice and Sky.

This conversion can be completed on either an automatic car to convert it to a manual, or as a straight upgrade to your stock 5 speed. Also available as an option is to have your stock driveshaft modified, or a new lightweight aluminum driveshaft for the conversion. Our conversion kit includes the following parts -

  • New GM Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • New GM Pilot bearing
  • Slave Cylinder spacer
  • New GM flywheel bolts
  • New DDMworks lightweight flywheel
  • New DDMworks Clutch kit
  • New DDMworks custom bellhousing adapter
  • New VSS plug
  • New backup switch
  • New T56 shifter adapter
  • New T56 shift ball
  • New DDMworks Custom T56 backbone 1/2" thick
  • All new associated hardware needed for install

This is everything needed to convert your car from the stock 5 speed to the much stronger T56 6 speed transmission found on in many of the V8 swaps into the Solstice/Sky. Every nut and bolt you need is included in the kit. You can choose to source your own T56 transmission from a 2006 or newer Pontiac GTO, or purchase a new one as an option listed above and have everything delivered together. Other T56 transmissions can be used with our kit, but will require the rear shifter mechanism from the GTO, the rear shifter mechanism is pictured above, the GM part number is #92147175. We also offer this as a conversion service here at the shop, please email or contact us for current price of installation.

If converting an automatic car, you will also need a new clutch pedal and brake pedal and a few other components. Please contact us and we can get you the additional parts needed.

This kit is built to order and typically takes about 3-4 weeks after ordering before shipping.

T56 Conversion for Solstice/Sky by DDMWorks


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I can say that before my V8 swap I went through a transmission 4th gear syncro failure. Definitely a nice add for those wanting a beefier transmission and an additional highway gear. I love my T56 in my V8 swap.

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What will this do to the acceleration on the Solstice GXP with GMPP upgrade?
Possibly slower due to different ratios?
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