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With so many new members joining each week maybe we should get sort of FAQ going to get people caught up?

This will be the technical FAQ (maybe it can be "pinned" up at the top?)

Make it a group effort so it can grow over time. Members post a common question and answer in same post.

Try not to start any conversations within the thread, each separate post should be a Q & A so it's easy to read.


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Something like this (FORMAT IS REALLY ROUGH, but I think it captures almost everything): (Conversions: 25.4mm per inch, 2.2 pounds per kilogram)

Base Price: | $19,995 (estimated)
Max MSRP: | $25,500 (estimated)

Vehicle Type: | 2 Passenger, 2 Door, Convertible Roadster
Drive Config: | Rear Wheel Drive

Standard Accessories: | ?
Optional Accessories: | Power wdo/locks, remote locking, A/C, cruise, rear defrost, AM/FM/CD, ABS

Sound System: | TBD, but assumed to be Monsoon AM/FM/CD

Engine: | Ecotec 2.4L DOHC I-4 (LE5) [from 04 NAIAS]
Type: | Hydraulic Variable Cam Phasing[VVT], 2.4 L inline 4-cylinder, aluminum block and head with balance shafts

BoreXStroke | 88mmX98mm (2.2L=86mm X 94.6mm)
Displacement | 2384cc (2.4 liter)
Compression Ratio | 10:1 (Estimated)
Fuel-Delivery System | electronic sequential port injection (inferred from internet info)
Auxiliary Systems | None (Future forced induction TBD)
Valve Gear | Chain driven double overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder, Hydraulic roller finger followers,
Power (SAE net) | 170 bhp @ 6400 RPM (from NAIAS Handout)
Torque (SAE net) | 170 ft-lb @ 4400 RPM (from NAIAS Handout)
Redline | 6500 (estimated, not documented or announced, pics indicate 7000 redline on gauge, likely inaccurate)
Fuel | Assumed to be 91 octane recommended

Drivetrain: |
Transmission | MW5 Aisin 5-speed manual (from NAIAS Handout)
Final-Drive Ratio | 3.73:1 (estimated as CTS differential), Limited slip expected optional
Gear [Ratios from Chev Colorado Aisin Trans] | Ratio/Overall Ratio/MPH per 1000RPM/Max test speed
I | 3.75 / 13.99 /TBD/TBD
II | 2.26 / 8.43 /TBD/TBD
III | 1.37 / 5.11 /TBD/TBD
IV | 1.00 / 3.73 /TBD/TBD
V | 0.73 / 2.72 /TBD/TBD
R | 3.67 /NA/TBD/TBD
Engine RPM @60 MPH in top gear | TBD

Wheelbase | 2415mm
Track front/rear | 1537mm/1555mm
Length/Width/Height | 3994mm/1819mm/1274mm
Ground Clearance | TBD
Curb Weight | 2860 lbs (1298kg)
Weight Distribution | Near 50%, 52% front per MotorTrend (assumed with driver?)
Curb weight per horsepower | 16.8 lbs
Fuel Capacity | TBD

Type | "Lower-Dominant Tube Structure with Hydroformed Rails" (from NAIAS Handout) assume classified as unit body or similar to Corvette.
Body Material | welded steel stampings, "Sheet Hydroformed" outer body panels

SAE volume, front seat | 46 cu ft (estimated based on Miata/S2000)
Front Legroom | 44.5" estimated
Front Headroom | 35" estimated
Front Hiproom | 50" estimated
Front Shoulder Room | 51" estimated
Cargo Volume | 4 cu. ft. top up/ 2 cu. Ft, top down (MotorTrend)
Seatback Adjustment | TBD degrees
Seat F/A Adjustment | TBD inches

Gauges | 140 MPH speedometer, 8000 RPM tachometer, fuel level only. Assume digital readout of information system, odo, idiot lights for oil temp, water temp, etc.

Front Suspension | Short-long arm, Aluminum control arms (From NAIAS photo)
Front Anti-Roll Bar | TBD diameter, Ball joint links (from tech-chassis photos)
Front Springs | Coil
Front Shocks | Bilstein Monotube Coil-over
Rear Suspension | Short-long arm, Aluminum control arms (From NAIAS photo)
Rear Anti-Roll Bar | TBD diameter, Ball joint links (from tech-chassis photos)
Rear Springs | Coil
Rear Shocks | Bilstein Monotube Coil-over

Steering | Rack & Pinion, Hydraulic Assist
Steering Ratio | TBD
Turns lock-to-lock | TBD
Turning circle curb-to-curb | TBD

Type | 4 whl disc, hydraulic with vacuum power assist, (estimate: antilock optional)
Front | 11.65" x 1.02" / 296mm x 26mm; vented discs (cars.com/Malibu Maxx suspected reuse-GM info)
Rear | 10.63" x 0.55" / 270mm x 14mm; solid discs (cars.com/Malibu Maxx suspected reuse-GM info)
Total Swept Area | TBD
Swept Area/Ton | TBD

Wheels | 18.0" X 8.5" (various internet sources, magazines quoting 8.0" width)
Front Tires | P245/45SR18 Goodyear Eagle RS-A
Rear Tires (if different from Front) | Same
Inflation pressure | TBD PSI
Spare Tire and Wheel | Consensus: None, Inflator Kit similar to Corvette

0-30 | TBD
0-40 | TBD
0-50 | TBD
0-60 | 7.2-7.5 seconds estimated by magazines
0-70 | TBD
0-80 | TBD
0-90 | TBD
0-100 | TBD
0-110 | TBD
0-120 | TBD
Street Start, 5-60 | TBD
Top-gear acceleration, 30-50 mph | TBD
Top-gear acceleration, 50-70 mph | TBD
1/4 Mile | TBD sec @ TBD mph
Top Speed | 120-130 MPH estimated, based on Miata/S2000

From 60 MPH (R&T) | TBD
70-0 MPH @ impending lockup | TBD
From 80 MPH (R&T) | TBD
From 100 MPH (MT) | TBD

Roadholding, 300 ft skidpad | 0.90g (C&D Estimate)
Lateral accel, 200 ft skidpad | 0.90g (estimate, R&T test)
Understeer | Minimal (expected)
700 ft slalom speed (R&T) | 65-70 mph (based on S2000/Miata capability)
600 ft slalom speed (MT) | 65-70 mph (based on S2000 capability)
7 cone 490 ft slalom (AW) | 47.0 mph (based on S2000 capability)
Figure 8 test (MT) time @ avg. g | 26 sec @ 0.70 g (estimate from S2000)
Lateral Seat Support | estimated as "good" from seat photos

Fuel Economy:
EPA City | 22 mpg (C&D Estimate)
EPA Highway | 28 mpg (C&D Estimate)
Observed | TBD
Cruise Range | TBD miles
Fuel Capacity | TBD gal

Interior Noise/Sound
Idle | 47 dba (Estimate based on Miata)
Full-throttle Acceleration | 79 dba (Estimate based on Miata)
70-mph cruising | 75 dba (Estimate based on Miata)
Maximum 1st gear | TBD dba
Constant 50-mph | TBD dba

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mceb said:
With so many new members joining each week maybe we should get sort of FAQ going to get people caught up?

This will be the technical FAQ (maybe it can be "pinned" up at the top?)

Make it a group effort so it can grow over time. Members post a common question and answer in same post.

Try not to start any conversations within the thread, each separate post should be a Q & A so it's easy to read.

Good idea.:thumbs It would get new folks up to speed on the Solstice real quick and reduce redundent threads. Would it be possible to integrate this with the FAQ on the tool bar?

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FWIW: Added jpg images of the spec sheet(s) to galleries in "2006 Pontiac Solstice Press Pictures : Tech / Chassis Images". Most info has been documented for source or how estimated.

Looked like the best place to put them. Tried to upload an "htm" page, but no dice - only takes images. "Galleries" seems to be the only place that makes sense to put a spec sheet. Anyone new coming to the site would look for pictures of the car, and any specifications for the car, then any FAQ.

Then, if they didn't have a clear place to find that, they'd start a new thread asking questions.

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If you're into computers a 6000rpm to 7000rpm CPU heatsink is about 55db.
Problem is with db the value increases by factors of 10 as you go up. A race car with a very open exhaust without a catylitc converter is usually around 105db which is extremely loud.

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solsticedreamer said:
I don't know if this is till an active thread but can anyone tell me what 75 decibals is compared to? I'm really confused...I hope it's pretty loud!
Here's a site that gives sound levels for various things and also a list of various noise levels and how long you can listen before doing damage to your hearing.


An amplified rock band is listed at 120dB
a jackhammer at 130dB
and a 12ga shotgun with an 18" barrel at 161.5 dB

75dB is compared to kitchen appliances. Although they didn't say which ones... :D

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Decibels (db) are an expression of sound *pressure* and is really meaningful when coulpled with a distance (xxx db at xxx feet). One of the old government "emissions" requirements was 50 db at 50 feet for a WOT drive-by.

db is measured on a log scale - it doubles for every 3 db so 87 db is half the sound pressure of 90 db.

For some reason people find very high pressure vibrations pleasurable hence the rise of automotive boom-boxes. I suspect my Beltone stock is going to continue to go up.

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Question: I've heard the Solstice is using parts-bin strategy. What type of parts are being re-used?

Most of the re-utilized parts appear to be items that won't significantly affect or will benefit the characteristice of this car, such as performance, ride, handling, or braking. Critical systems, like the suspension and body structure, are new and appear to be optimized to deliver a good, solid car.

Some re-used parts that have been noted so far are:

Front fog lamps: Grand Prix
Rear Back-up Lamps: Envoy/Trailblazer
Seats: Shared with Opel (maybe just the frame?)
Outside Rear View Mirrors: Fiat Barchetta?
Interior AC vents: Lotus Elise or Alfa 156/Fiat
Brakes/Rotors: ION Redline or Malibu Maxx? (suspect, but specs look very close)
Engine: Chevy Cobalt (2.4l), Uplevel F/I unknown, Cobalt S/C possible
Transmission: Aisin 5 spd manual, suspect adapted from Chevy Colorado
Differential: Cadillac CTS (from cars.com overview)
Door Handles: Unknown but mentioned as shared
Gage Cluster: Chevy Cobalt

Additional thread info on parts re-use here:

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New engine detailes released with the HHR announcement.

Compression ratio: 10.6:1
Horsepower (hp / kw @ rpm): 170 / 127 @ 6000
Torque (lb-ft / Nm @ rpm): 170 / 235 @ 4400
Maximum engine speed (rpm): 6500

Variable Valve Timing helps deliver 90 percent of the peak torque at as low as 2400 rpm (so in essence 153 ft-lbs at 2400 rpm)

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Options List, Anticipated Colors

Here is a detailed discussion of the options based on information that was in the GM order system and spotted by a dealer:

GM order information

One of our members, Brentil, has formatted the information into a simulated options sheet with approximated costs. This is just for a guideline, but generally thought to be reasonably accurate.


Based on cardealer's info, production is anticipated to begin around week 19 of the year 2005 - or around mid-May. This means Solstices should be getting to dealerships sometime in June, 2005 - assuming the information is still correct.

If you're still to lazy to look at the links, here is the text of the options:

option text said:
Interior Trim:

192-Ebony Sport Seats w Leather Inserts
19B-Ebony Cloth
312-Light Cashmere Sport Seats w Leather
IP2-Leather Package

Engine and Trans: (no surprises here)

LE5-2.4 L DOHC, 16 valv, 4 cyl, MFI, al
MA5-Transmission, 5-speed manual


C41-HVAC system-heater, outside with fan
C60-Air Conditioning, front manual
D44-Mirrors, outside rearview, clr, man
G80-Limited Slip Differential
J65-Brakes, front disc/rear disc
JL9- Brakes, Anti-Lock
N34-Steering whl, 3 spoke, lthr w cruise c
N45-Steering whl, 3-spoke, urethane
N87-Wheels: 18" Aluminum
QF8-Wheels: 18" Aluminum, Polished
QFX-Tires All: P245/45R18
U1C-Radio, AM/FM, Stereo w seek/scan, CD
U2J-Radio, XM Not Desired
U2K-XM Satellite Digital Sound System
UE0-OnStar Delete (Fleet Only)
UQ3-Monsoon Spkr Sys-Perfmnc Enhncd Audio
US8-Radio, AM/FM Stereo, sk/scn, CD, clk, ETR
US9-Radio, AM/FM Stereo, sk/scn, ETR, MP3, RD
UW5-Six Speaker System
ZQ2-Power Package
ZQ3-Convenience Package

There appear to be too many radio options listed. I'm betting there will be 2 radios available. A CD player, and a CD/MP3 player. This is preliminary data too. Some of the stuff was misspelled and I had to correct it. In the options codes it also listed production weeks. The first week listed was "Production Week 19" which puts it in the May timeframe.

ZQ2 is probably power windows and locks
ZQ3 has always been the option code for tilt and cruise

Colors in GM Dealerworld (links to photoshop examples of color on Solstice):

25U-Dark Blue (Same code used on full size trucks and SUV's)
34U-Yellow (Same code as yellow on Sunfires and Cavaliers)
38U-Emerald Green Metallic (Same code as Envoy's Green color)
41U-Black (Generic)
42U-Dark Tarnished Silver Metallic (New color-don't know what it looks like, but appears to be the Cadillac CTS "silver smoke")
67U-Liquid Silver Metallic (Corporate Silver they have on everything, e.g. Silver on SSR)
74U-Victory Red (Bright red seen on trucks, Cavalier)

And a color chip of the expected colors is here:
Color Chip of all 7 Colors

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Weight, Vehicle Weight

Question: I've heard the Solstice is heavy. Is this true?

Answer: While a curb weight of 2860 lbs seems heavy for a two seater car, it is actually an appropriate weight for a car of this size.

General dimensions are 1" narrower than a Corvette C6, wheelbase just a bit shorter than a Honda S2000. For its size, 2860 lbs is pretty good - the Honda S2000 weighs about the same as this ('02 about 2840 lbs., '04 about 2870 lbs), and the BMW Z4 and Z3 tip the scales at over 3000 lbs.

For more in-depth discussion on appropriate weight check out these threads:

Weight Issues
Is 2860 the weight? and what do you think .....
Weight on Autoline Detroit

A Chart of several vehicle size and their weights

and another Chart of vehicle dimensions, weight and power

were the byproduct of these discussions.

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Type | "Lower-Dominant Tube Structure with Hydroformed Rails" (from NAIAS Handout) assume classified as unit body or similar to Corvette.
Body Material | welded steel stampings
Would it be better to mention that the Body Material was also Hydroformed? This seems to imply the body is traditionally progressivly stamped.

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Duly noted.

Just thinking - to keep this thread clean, I may copy it and clean it up, then close and stick it, and keep it updated with common questions. Kinda like the FAQ section (maintained and changed by mods and admins) that I suggested on the site re-org.

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Good catch - will take a look - prolly old info I was piecing together.

EDIT: Yep - grabbed the wrong bore and stroke (had it for the 2.2l ecotec). Thanks.

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Just sos youse knows what's up...

You'll notice this thread is no longer stuck, and it has been renamed. It is a copy of the original Technical FAQ, re-labled. For clarity, I closed the discussion of the original and cleaned it up. Since it is a closed thread, I left this one open for suggested FAQ updates. Will likely do same for the general FAQ thread as well.

So if you see things that need to be fixed, updated, etc., adding it to this thread will float it to the top and I'll fix, like the previous posts on body type or corrected engine bore/stroke - or just drop me a private message.

I can still change the sticky thread if needed, and update with better info or links, or I can open it back up for a while. See if this doesn't make it somewhat clearer, though.

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