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The Comprehensive WindRestrictor® FAQ

What is a WindRestrictor®? It's not a thing, it's a company. We make #windblockers for #convertibles and #Glowplates for #coupes.

What's a wind blocker? A wind blocker is a device that attaches to your vehicle and redirects the airflow out of your cockpit. It's also called a #windstopper, #windjammer, or #winddeflector. Our models come with laser-etched graphics and the ability to light them up with one of eight different lights.

What's a Glowplate? A Glowplate has the laser-etching and ability to light. It obviously doesn't block wind, because you're in a coupe.

What's laser-etching? Laser-etching is a type of engraving we perform on an acrylic compound. It obviously uses laser, and isn't going to fall off like stickers or decals. Also, it won't block your vision.

What models do you make wind blockers for?
BMW Z4 2002-2008
BMW Z4 2009-2016
Cadillac XLR 2003- 2010
Chevy Camaro 2011-2015
Chevy Camaro 2016+
Corvette C5 1997-2004
Corvette C6 Convertible 2005-2013
Corvette C7 Convertible 2014+
Crossfire Convertible 2004-2007
Honda S2000 1999-2009
Jaguar F-Type 2013+
Mazda Miata 2006-2015
Mazda Miata ND 2016+
Mercedes-Benz SLK R170 1997-2004
Mercedes-Benz SLK R171 2005-2011
Mercedes-Benz SLK R172 2012+
Mini Cooper Convertible 2005-2015
Mini Cooper Roadster 2012-2015
Mustang Convertible 2005-2014 Front Mount
Mustang Convertible 2011-2014 Rear Mount
Mustang Convertible 2015+
OPEL GT 2007+
Polaris Slingshot 2014-2017
Pontiac Solstice 2006+
Porsche Boxster 986 1996-2004
Porsche Boxster 987 2005-2012
Saturn Sky 2007+

What models do you make Glowplates for?
Camaro Glow Plate
Chrysler 300 Glowplate
Crossfire Coupe 2004-2007
C5 Glowplate Coupe 1998-2004
C6 Glowplate Coupe 2005-2013
C7 Glowplate Coupe 2014+
Dodge Challenger Glowplate
Dodge Charger Glowplate
Mustang Coupe 2011-2014
Mustang Coupe 2015
Mini Cooper Coupe
Universal Glowplate Coupe

What's a Universal Glowplate? A Universal Glowplate is a Glowplate that fits many modern coupes not listed specifically. Check out our website for sizes.

Can you link me to your site? Yes, it's http://bit.ly/2BV96tS .

Where are your wind blockers and Glowplates made? All of our products are assembled in Dallas,Tx USA.

Can I go to your office and get your product installed? Yes, you can. Give us a call first 972-465-9687.

What's your email address? My address is [email protected]. If you want to speak directly with our sales department it's [email protected] .

Do you have any specials at the moment? You can save 5% right now by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/2BV96tS

Are you officially licensed by any major car companies? Yes, we are. By #GeneralMotors,#Ford, and #Mopar.

How long have you been in business? We've been in business for 10+ years.

Where exactly have you sold your product? Our windblockers, Glowplates and #IlluminatedDoorSills have been sold in over 50+ nations on every inhabited continent.

I want to buy your product, but would I be able to install it? Yes, it's a DIY project for most. Some of our products take about 5 minutes to click in. Others, take no more than 90 minutes.

You don't know me, I'll mess it up. What happens if I make a mistake? Give us a call or email. We have technical support and encourage people to get in contact with us if you have any problems.

You mentioned Illuminated Door Sills? Yes, we make Illuminated Door Sills for many popular vehicles.
BMW Z4 2002-2014
Cadillac XLR 2004+
Camaro 2010-2015
Chrysler Crossfire 2004+
Corvette C6 2005+
Mercedes SLK R170
Mercedes SLK R171 2004-2011
Mercedes SLK R172 2012+
Pontiac Solstice 2006+
Saturn Sky 2007+
Our Illuminated Door Sills have a Universal model as well. Check our website for details.

Why should I just get Joe Blow's wind blocker? Many wind blockers on the market are unsightly and/or unsafe. We've seen them made with pieces of net, thin and rigid plastic, or even small sheets of glass. Be very careful with such products. They have thin plastic straps or belts to anchor their products in. Remember, besides looking ghastly, your safety should have the quality bracketing we provide.

This all sounds great, but I don't know. What if I have more questions? PM me on Facebook, Direct Message me on Instagram, or Email me. I'll provide all the information below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paulwindrestrictorsales
Instagram: paul.sells.windrestrictors
Email: [email protected]
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