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Someone wrote a "solstice poem" so I thought I would throw in my own. I restored a 1969 280se a few years ago and we became attached.

She came in tired and worn
Time and the elements took their toll
I could see through her
She was from worthy stock

It was the first time we met
And we were alone
I gave her a careful look
Dusty eyes shadowed her youthful smile

At one time she was the pride of the stock
The envy of all
No one could demand that kind of attention
All eyes were on her

The bright shine glowing from her body
Was all but gone
Left behind in the dirt of the earth

She needed attention and I had it to give
Slowly we felt secure
I gave her tender loving care
She needed it so much

I removed the fragments that shaded her poise
Soon, the gleam came back
Dignity returned

Now others are awe struck to be near her
Nothing can compare to this shining beauty
Magnificent when standing still
Graceful moving through space

She is a rare find, nothing can come close
Forever a part of me
A three pointed star
Mercedes was has name
She wore a silver dress
The bell of the ball

The was the day
I fell in love
As my 280SE drove away
Now I’m forever in her spell Gary /Perfect Auto Finish
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