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Guys - this article below is from www.autoextremist.com - He's impressed by the little motor!!

Going back to my last column, when I wrote about "Detroit" not being prepared for what I believe to be a coming significant market shift toward more fuel-efficient offerings, it's nice to see the time and effort that GM's devoting to its 4-cylinder Ecotec engine program. It's ironic, with GM about to start celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the legendary small-block V-8, that they actually consider the Ecotec to be their linchpin engine of the future, and they are conducting a massive development plan for it intentionally patterned after the development scheme for their famous small-block V-8.

I will tell you right up front that GM isn't getting enough credit for its Ecotec, or the high-performance development of it, so it's nice to see them keep the hammer down and continue to move forward with it. This year GM showed the actual running version of their exceptionally cool little SO-CAL Speed Shop Lakester Bonneville streamliner (an Ecotec showcase), which hit 179.381 mph on the salt flats, setting a new G/Blown Gas Lakester record - with a supercharged and intercooled 2.0-liter Ecotec "crate" motor that in 50 state compliant emissions configuration delivers 205HP (the same engine that will power the upcoming Cobalt SS), but for this off-road purpose developed 250HP. The motor was basically stock, for all intents and purposes, however. This wasn't the same "show" vehicle that GM showed at last year's SEMA show, but rather a completely reengineered "go" vehicle prepared for the high-speed trials at Bonneville. The Ecotec Lakester was so thoroughly redesigned that the engine was switched to a north-south configuration, and a large carbon-fiber stabilizing fin was added to the back, among countless other developmental changes. Look for a full report from Don Sherman in an upcoming issue of Automobile magazine, as he got to drive the little flyer on its preliminary test runs. GM also showed their supercharged and intercooled Chevy Cobalt SO-CAL development vehicle, which hit 243.127 mph - with a highly-tweaked 2.0-liter Ecotec developmental motor delivering a staggering 800HP!

GM also showed a new Cobalt "Phase 5" Sport FWD custom drag racing concept designed for the entry-level drag racer, which was interesting. The production-based Cobalt Phase 5 race car features powertrain, chassis and safety components developed by GM Racing - including a turbocharged 2.2-liter Ecotec engine that's been modified to produce 535 horsepower, while retaining 65 percent of the production engine parts. The race car features GM and aftermarket components, including a race-prepared Hydra-Matic 4T65-E automatic transmission, suspension upgrades and performance electronics. It is anticipated that some independent teams will race their version of the Cobalt
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