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Hi everyone,

The Solstice Sky Quebec Owners Club will have it's end of the season ride on September 14, 2013.

Like usual it will be full of surprised and will end with a group dinner.

The official invitation will be posted on the week of August 19th.

for sure the departure will be on the northern shore of Montreal.

Stay tune..........:thumbs:

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Rigistrations are comming in fast......And it was announce only for a week

Liste of registration to date:

Confirmation pour la rando de fin de saison du 14 septembre 19 cas & 31 persons for the group dinner

Pierre Tremblay et Mjo (RC)
Marc Charbonneau et Celine (SW)
Denise Guignard
Antonella Sassy
Francois Lapointe et Martine
Helenne et Yvan Perras

Alex Bastien et Sandra (RC)
Stephane Boire (SW)
Dominique Mailloux
Julien Lalonde et Lucie
JP Paquette et Claudine
Hugues Blanchette et Nicole

Graham Thorp et Ann-Marie (RC)
Sylvain Chartier et Susan (SW)
Renée et Réjeane
Alain et Yvette
Therese et Renaud Charron
Guetan Chevrier et Nicole
Lucille Gingras et Sylvain

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We are doing our annual SSOOO Niagara Run this Saturday. I will mention this to everyone. You should reach out to Jackl ( Jack) and get this up on the SSOOO Facebook page. I am here and always will be but some of our gang are only on Facebook.:devil: Look forward to the final details then I can run it by Mrs Northern Sol.:willy:

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Shoot Pierre beat me by an hour and I didn't see this post, My Bad!

***copy paste

FYI, More information to Follow.

Sandra and I are going to be organizing the next run, We are currently finishing our mapping so I cannot give you the details yet HOWEVER I can tell you that we will be visiting the Outaouais region on September 14th! This give the Ottawa and Toronto folks a great excuse to come down to a meet closer to home!

As soon as all the info is out, I'll will be posted on here.

We hope to see you on Sept. 14th!

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Alright and here is an official Update!

Date: September 14th!

Start Location : l’Auberge et club de golf l’Héritage
70, route #323
Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, QC (15km North of Montebello!!)

Nous trouver - Auberge et Club de Golf Héritage

l’Auberge et club de golf l’Héritage has rooms available for those who wish to get there a day early on Friday, call them at 1 (800) 561-4707 to book a room. We do not have a group rate however you can mention that you are part of the Quebec Solstice/Sky club.

There will be a group breakfast at 7am at l’auberge. If you plan to attend the breakfast please advise Pierre ([email protected]) BEFORE September 1st as we have to inform the Hotel by that date.

We have to be on the road by 8am Sharpe, please don’t be late!

The route will start from the Montebello area taking us thru side roads all our way to Gatineau Park where we will climb to the summit and stop for a possible photo op. Once our drive thru the park is complete we will Pause for lunch in Aylmer before crossing over into Ontario where we will be visiting more country roads, making a quick bio-break at the Calabogie race track and head back towards our final Destination, the Hotel V in Gatineau, Quebec.

The event will end at the Hotel V Hôtel Gatineau (Outaouais) ? Hôtel 4 étoiles près d'Ottawa avec salles de réunion et restaurant..

585, boul. de la Gappe
Gatineau, QC, CANADA J8T 8N7

There are currently 22 rooms available at the Hotel should you wish to spend the night; they are on a first come first served basis. Although we have an advantageous group rate the rooms are not locked for our event so please do not wait at the last minute to book your room.

Room rates and instructions:

When calling mention that you are part of Solstice & Sky Quebec club to get special pricing, they should all have this information on their computer when requesting a room for September 14th.

Pricing is valid for 2 adults per room with a $10 surcharge for each additional adults

Classic Selection: 2 double beds $120 +tax
Tendance or Executive Selection (King Bed) $135 +tax
Queen bed with whirlpool $160 +tax
King bed with whirlpool $180 +tax

Each room must be booked by each participant and with their own credit card.

There will be a banquet after the run, we are currently working with the hotel to set this up, the final details are not finalized yet however they will be available shortly. We are still elaborating menu ideas.

It is very important that everyone who wants to attend confirms with Pierre as soon as possible and books their hotel rooms as we need to know how to plan on our end. [email protected]

We hope to see you all at the event, it should be a blast!

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Only 10 days before the event

It is only 10 days left before our event and registration are still comming strong.

We have 27 cars confirmed, 43 persons for the groupe dinner and 12 for the breakfast.

It is still time to registered via e-mail atà

[email protected]

List of registrations as today:

Confirmation pour la rando de fin de saison du 14 septembre


Pierre Tremblay et Mjo (RC) 1 2 2
Marc Charbonneau et Celine (SW) 1 2 2
Denise Guignard 1 1
Francois Lapointe et Martine 1
Helenne et Yvan Perras 1
Suzane Lapointe et Normand 1 1 2
Manon et Bernard 1
Dominique Mailloux 1 1 1
Julien Lalonde et Lucie 1 2 2

Alex Bastien et Sandra (RC) 1 2
Sylvain Chartier et Susan (SW) 1 2
JP Paquette et Claudine 1 2
Antonella Sassy 1 1
Linda Morissette et Richard Groulx 1 2 2
Paolo Coirrazza et Silvia 1 2
Jean Pierre et Muriel Therien 1 2 2
Graham Thorp et Ann-Marie(RC Back-up) 1 2
Rejean et louise 1 2

Stephane Boire (RC) 1 2 2
Renée et Réjeane (SW) 1 2
Alain et Yvette (back-up SW) 1 2
Therese et Renaud Charron 1 2
Guetan Chevrier et Nicole 1 2
Lucille Gingras et Sylvain 1 2
Junior et Anne Gagnon 1 2
Daniel Farnham 1
Rejean et edith (mustang) 1 2

27 43 13

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It was a blast

Great sunny day with great friends. What can we asked more.

It was a blast and a great succes. Sandra and Alex did a great job planning the ride.

A personal thank you for all your great work, It was well appreciated.

See you all nex time..........Maybe in the Poconos


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