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I've had my Sol 6 months now and LOVE it, I've done a few things so far. I have one thing to fix that I found that was not repaired when the dealer rebuilt it. It was a DE company car when a tree fell on it and the insurance agency totaled it. I don't have the reservation about moding it that I would an original. I have been compiling a list with all the info on here and with links to the sponsors, YES it keeps getting longer and longer, :(.

So here it is, need help going through it, It will take me several years to get it all done and things will change as time goes by. The list will be printed out and posted on the garage wall. In 18 months I'll have more money for the expensive stuff, right now about 100-200 a month.

2007 Pontiac Solstice


Norm’s Fiberglass Fenders
Norm’s GXP Side Skirts
Norm's GXP Front Splitter
Solstice Body Color Mud Flaps
Aftershock Lip Spoiler
Vertical Billet Rear Valance
Hood Scoop and Vents
Air Dam-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Done
Right Side Air Dam Gasket--------------------------------------------------------------On back order
HID Projector Headlights and Fog Lights
Side Turn Signal Mod
LED Light Bulbs
LED turn Signal on Mirror---------------------------------------------------------------Relays arrived
Vertical Billet Grille
Remove Side Marker lights and Replace with Two Led’s (one marker, one turn)
Shorter Radio Antenna-----------------------------------------------------------------Done
Back up Camera and Mirror Monitor-----------------------------------------------------Wifi pods Ordered
ASAP Third Brake Light Vinyl-----------------------------------------------------------Ordered
Possible Front Fascia Reconfigure


Cobra Seats
B & I Dash Kit
B & I Wood inlay Steering Wheel
Power Lock Buttons
Foot Well Lights------------------------------------------------------------------------Done
Solstice Floor Mats
SRP Racing Pedals
Trunks Lights---------------------------------------------------------------------------Done
ASAP Vinyl------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ordered


12-16“ Brake Rotors
6 Piston Calibers
ASAP Vinyl Caliber Covers----------------------------------------------------------------Ordered
Paint Wheel Hub
Paint Calibers Red
Stainless Brake Line


Cold Air Intake
Air Cooler
Fuel Cooler
Header Blanket
Side Pipes-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Need to talk to them about what I want
Coil Cover
KARLYN STI® - Direct Ignition Coils
Billet Caps
Engine Bay Lights (Blue for show- Mercury Switch, White for work- Rocker Switch)-----------Mercury Switches Arrived
DDMWorks Fender Well Trim Kit
Stage 3 Turbo with Head Kit or Stage 3 Supercharger
Trifecta Tune
Possible Sneaky Pete Nitrous


Ceramic Clutch
Quaife Differential
Energy Suspension Rear Differential Bushing
Wheels and Tires


Back Bone
Cross Bay Brace
Venom Brace
Poly Bushing
ZOK Sway Bars
Kappasphere reBar
kappaSPRINGS by Eibach or Coilovers

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That is an ambitious plan, keep us informed on how it is going from time to time, and of course, pictures are a must on this forum.

Best of luck!


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I too have had my 08 GXP for six months now and also loving every it more each day. That is some list of mods, I thought I had a long list. So far I have added the DDM Backbone, Pro-beam, and front LV brace. I did the pro-beam and backbone at the same time, so don't know which one has improved handling more. Combined though I can really tell the difference. I added the LV front brace a few months later, but can't really see any change there. I also installed a Solo Performance Mach exhaust, which I am very pleased with. Next year, my car goes into storage in a few weeks until we return from a winter in Mexico, I will focus on the engine, tuning, charge pipes, and some bling such as a polished engine cover from Dejon. I don't want to do everything at once, then I would have nothing left to do and nothing to look forward to. Although, if I had your list I wouldn't have that to worry about.

We have been on two runs so far, one with The Island Roadsters and then the Pacific Northwest Regionals a few months ago. We had a wonderful time on both occasions, especially the regionals in Clarkston Wa. About 40 Sky's and Solstices showed. We can hardly wait for the nationals next year.

Good luck with your mods, Don from Nanaimo

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I'll take pics of the floorwell and trunk lights later today when you can see them. I've done this type of thing before but was always very disorganized this time I want to plan it all out. I have what I want done, now figuring out the order to disaster,:lol:

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Not able to edit? But,

Kappasphere reBar..................Done
Venom Brace.........................Done

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No JPM leather work on the interior? Otherwise, that is the mother of all lists!!!:thumbs:

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nice list. should keep you busy for a while. have fun.

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Energy Suspension Rear Differential Bushing........1 done

That 1 bushing was a [email protected]#$^h at 184 ftp it took my 24" torque wrench and my feet to click it.

Thanks for the info on Aftershock. I looked at the Guestbook and the last message was in 2011, not good.

Decided against the turbo and have decided on a stage 2 super charger. I like the seat of the pants feel.

It will take time I thought I would be further along but during the winter I couldn't get my lazy butt down to the cold garage, hope to fix that problem. Now that I can drive it I want it all done NOW, :lol:

Even with the few suspension mods I have noticed a difference. I can pull about .90 G according to my phone (that's with the wheel turned all the way to the stops and back 1/4 turn) before breaking loose, not certain of the speed.
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