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The Smile Factor (More, please?!)

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Hey, all...

I haven't posted much in a while, but my situation these days has resulted in a lot of rather mundane driving in ... mundane vehicles. In large part because I don't want to use my wonderful Solstice up on lengthy commutes.

A lot has been said on this forum about perma-grin, and as I drove my Sol around weekend before last, it reminded me once again how I'd never realized that driving a car could be so much fun before I bought my Solstice.

I've described it to my friends as being like having a "roller coaster with a steering wheel". Driving it, I find myself finding excuses to enjoy a little extra lateral G-force here and there. I've personally found the stock GXP to be a nice blend of sporty fun and adventure while still retaining some sanity and comfort.

So, that leaves me with a dilemma. A friend bought a Z4, and while nice, and somewhat more practical (and much more $$$), it didn't have that same ... immediacy as the Sol. I've driven other cars, but I realize now that even "sporty" cars like the Grand Prix GTP I had weren't really all that. I find myself sometimes thinking that if this is good (and it is) I want ... more! What is this fun and where can I get more of it??? (For a reasonable price of course...)

Or would I even want to? Another friend has a 95-ish M3, and riding in the passenger is like an endless journey of kidney punches and kicks to the rear. I doubt I'd really want that much 'fun'.

I don't know. I feel as though the Sol has introduced me to this wonderful world where there are all these amazing things, and cars are great to drive, and ... I don't understand the language. And I don't want to eventually be just another geezer in a Corvette. Someday, I'd rather be a geezer in a Sol or Sky. Perhaps I should buy another and put it in storage.

Anyway, I've rambled here. I guess the real question here is ... I'm sure that there are others here who are more knowledgeable and eloquent than I am - is there some way to quantify this smile factor? Who has it? Who doesn't? I'm really quite curious, because having discovered this wonderful thing called Solstice, I never want to be without it again. :)

Any thoughts?
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Daily drive it! You shouldn't have to worry about using it up. There are several owners well over 100K miles with little to no problems. The ecotec 4 cyl in my Saturn VUE (same engine family) has nearly 200K miles and I'm still on the original clutch! I've never babied that car, either. In fact I've been downright abusive regarding everything but basic maintenance.
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