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Solstice email notice

Recieved notice that they will begin shipping Aug 1st :cool:

Here it is: :lol:

Exceptional News!

Pontiac is pleased to announce that the First 1,000 Solstice retail
orders will begin to ship to dealerships the week of August 1, 2005.

And we wanted to make sure that our First 1,000 retail customers were
the first to know. Pontiac will tell the rest of the world the great
news in major newspapers on Wednesday, July 27, including USA Today, NY
Times, and the Chicago Tribune.

Please keep in mind that there will be a limited quantity that will
ship next week and we cannot guarantee your vehicle will be included in
these initial shipments. However, an acceleration plan is in place and
over the next few weeks we expect more vehicles to ship. As previously
communicated, we expect that all First 1,000 retail orders will be
delivered by the end October.

Please consult with your dealership about details concerning your
order. They should be able to confirm if your order is either in system or
in transit. They will also have access to your vehicle identification
number (VIN) when your vehicle is considered in transit to your

If you have any questions, please contact Program Headquarters at
866-539-0256 or your local Pontiac dealership.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!


Pontiac Solstice Team

You have received this e-mail in response to your recent Pontiac
Solstice transaction. If you prefer not to receive any unsolicited marketing
e-mails regarding GM vehicles other than those pertaining to the
Solstice, please
http://www.gmpromohq.com/OptOut/[email protected]

To review GM's Privacy Statement, please visit:

General Motors Corporation
100 Renaissance Center, 482-A00-MAR
Detroit, MI 48265-1000

(c) 2005 General Motors Corp.
For Copyright & Trademark information, please go to:

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