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Thursday Night.

Watch and enjoy the Apprentice. Perhaps a tape of the show would make a nice addition to your Solstice documentation.

Go to www.pontiac.com/apprentice and register. Remember you are in no hurry there. Your job is to complete all entries correctly. Double check your license to make sure your name matches what you enter. Print out the registration form, might as well do it twice since the dealer will need to keep a copy.

Think about faxing or emailing a copy to your dealer if you and they are in a position to do so.

Go to one of the sites (or here) with option info and "build" you order, note option codes if shown. This will help fill out a purchase order at the dealership on Friday if you haven't already.

Those of you with Friday trash pick-up, don't forget to put it out on the curb.


Contact dealer to make sure everything is set per any previous agreements, such as if they want you to show up.

Put together your registration forms, driver's license, order build notes, and whatever bribe (coffee, donuts, cake, massage gift certificates, newspaper) you will be bring to the dealership.

At the dealership make sure they have thier log on username and password and have been on the site to make sure it works. See if they have downloaded the Website Training Manual. This shows the data screens that will need to be competed. Review it with the proper person.

Watch the DVD about 800 times.

Ask them how their systems are running. Remind them it might be a good time to make sure that no one it the backroom is downloading albums.

If the first 1000 are sold out, take the waiting list option. Make this know to the entry person before hand, so they can quickly move forward if that screen comes up.

Pick up your complementry Solstice poster.

Mention the site to any other Solstice buyers in the showroom. Then post you results.

Don't worry about them putting your actual order in, they have until the 25th at 6:00pm. There is an order system update being done over the weekend, and it will probably include the color change to allow the red & green with sand combos. (When the dealer does input your order, ask them for a printed copy to check.)

Enjoy yourself and good luck.

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EOP "Take Order" Data screens

This is the screen order the dealer will see, once they click on "Take Order"

1) Will be a contact screen. Salesman's first name and last name in two seperate boxes. Then phone number box and extension box. Then the Salesmanager's first name and last name go in seperate boxes also. Right now we can't enter this section to prefill out this info. Unsure if we will be able to do on Friday morning, but have your dealer check when you get to the store. Finally a bottom is a submit button.

2) Take Order screen will first tell if there is a vehicle available from the dealer. All that is entered is the customer ID number from their registration. Next to that box is a "search" box to click on.

3) Review Customer Infoamtion page. The system will fill in fields with the ID number, status (ie registered), customer's first and last name, home phone and date of birth. All from info that you entered when your registered. The dealer will need to enter last 4 digits of driver's license, address line #1 and #2, City, State, zip, daytime phone number (this is where the EOP center will try to call to confirm the order info, no contact no car, so pick a good number) and email address. Then check a box to show that they have review the info for accuracy. Finally an save and continue box at the bottom.

4) Qualify Customer page, will again have the same prefilled info as the Review page. Dealer will check four boxes. 1-Over 18, 2-Legal Resident, 3-Licenced Driver, and 4-delaer has confirmed customer meets qualifications. Save and continue box at bottom.

5) Record Receipt of depost page, will same prefilled header. Here check yes or no for deposit received (answer should be yes). Check i have informaed customer that the HQ will contact to verify. Click box for ready to submit. Then our freind submit order at bottom.

6) Confirmation page. Here it is the one that tell syou if your are conditionally accepted, if not a do you want to wait list box comes up. Ask for the delaer to print your a copy.

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Data entry worksheet:


Salesman First Name:

Salesman Last Name:

Phone Number:


Salesmanager First Name:

Salesmanager Last Name:



ID Number:



Last four digits License:

Address Line #1:

Address Line #2:




Daytime phone number:

eMail Address:

( ) I have reviewed......

.........(SAVE AND CONTINUE).......


( ) 18 years or older

( ) Legal resident

( ) Licensed Driver

( ) I have confirmed......

...........(SAVE AND CONTINUE).........


( ) Yes Deposti

( ) Ihave informed........

( ) Iam ready to order

...........(SUBMIT ODRER)..........

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