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....this is the question.

Hey, first post here. No car yet.
I have been lurking around doing that window shopping thing and have spent a lot of time in the showroom locally here in Houston sitting in and playing with the Sol that they have on display, pre-production toy.
I have come to the decision to buy one but have some items that I would like to dicuss with the board.

1. Do I order and then wait for a delivery date of February/March of 2007 as told by the dealer?
2. Do I try to locate what I want somewhere in the US hoping that someone backed out or couldn't pay for it? (seems to happen a lot)
3. Do I wait until Spring when the newer models may be offering other options? Stress the words 'may be offering'.
4. Do I sit back until Spring and see what the Saturn thing looks like in person?

Personally I like the rear of the Sol but not the front so much. I have yet to find one that I can drive and to hear it.
I like the nose of the Sky but not the interior.
It would be nice to see a larger motor in this thing. How far out for aftermarket parts? Been reading the threads on here but it seems like a guess at best.

So anyway, I want and will eventually get, a white Sol with all the toys. It takes a lot for me to buy into this car coming from 3 Trans Ams. I think that GM is finally getting their tired butts off the chairs and coming out to see what we all want.
Great Job.

Oh, and hello to you all. Sorry...y'all!
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