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This is a repeat of a thread I started on the Sky Forum. There are two attachments that this site won't let me post so you will need to go there to see them. Nothing special, you were always a little more serious on a technical level over here so I'm guessing you all know what the top looks like............

So I’m back for a bit……(no I'm not dead, still hurting but not dead!) I just wanted to give the people on the Forums a chance before going to eBay.
Just to make sure because people have asked if it's the canvas on the frame, it is not.
It is the canvas only (yes the window is part of the canvas). It's Black, OEM from Saturn, (GM part number 19152957). Never opened and still in the box as it was shipped.
You will need a shop that specializes in convertible top replacements to install the canvas. (I have the address of a great place in NW New Jersey if needed)
The tops for the Sky are all the same except the earlier generations on the 2007 had a few issues with premature wear, they fixed the problems and this is one of the later generations.
The plus side for the Solstice owners is that it also fits their cars with the added bonus that the Sky top is padded on the interior but the earlier Solstice was not. The padded interior reduces road noise tremendously.
Quite a few of the original members had their tops replaced under warranty for this issue and can verify if they want to chime in.

I would like $800 plus you would pay the shipping. I live in NW New Jersey, if you want to save the shipping cost it would fit in a Sky as long as no one is in your passenger seat.
I think the MASSC Skylands Rally is coming up so it's something to think about if you're in the area and need or know of someone who needs a top
(if you took it out of the box it would fit on someone’s lap)
Do some research on what I’ve mentioned and whether it's a crazy price or not, if you need a top I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting back to me.
They (GM) don’t make original tops anymore and they will, and are, getting harder to find. That's why a group of us bought them as the factory in Delaware was closing. We wanted to insure we had a spare for when the time came that something happened and couldn't find an OEM replacement.
I trashed my Sky about two years ago, got pretty banged up and want to get rid of the items sitting around that remind me of the event.
Okay end of sales pitch. Again, $800 firm, plus you would pay the shipping.
(PM me if interested)

Thanks for listening,
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