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Trade LION-O and start over or keep modding?

  • Sky Redline

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • Keep Modding

    Votes: 12 60.0%
  • Sell it outright

    Votes: 1 5.0%
  • I counter offered i'd sell it for $25000 lol long shot?

    Votes: 3 15.0%

Trade GXP for SKY Redline??

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I took my GXP for an oil change and the dealer fell in love with it! They offered me $16000 for the car on the spot or trade it for the sky redline they have on the lot.

Yes or no or keep on modding the current beast?
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Known car vrs unknown car.

As our cars age, there's no telling how someone did, or didn't take care of them.

When I shopped my car, I came across two that looked identical on paper: same year, same mileage, 98% same options. Both only 2 years old. But on inspection, the car I didn't choose had mold in the trunk and interior, interior plastics in pretty bad shape and, without more technical evidence, "drove funny." All that only suggests how they did or didn't maintain the stuff I couldn't see. Price difference? $1,000 more for the better-kept car.

I say keep what you have unless the offer is SO good that it would matter less that you ran into issues with a replacement (e.g., your $25k counter offer.) I would think you could probably get $16000 just selling it on autotrader.com.

Just re-read your post "Mean GXP Sneek peek!"

You've got a decent amount of nice mods invested in this car. And although I don't think it's realistic for anyone to expect to fully recover mod costs, $16,000 seems awfully lowball for as nice as your car looks.
umm.... I was going to get another SKY.

Really don't like the GXP, however after seeing an 08 in Black I may have to get a GXP so I have one of each.
I don't disagree with having one of each, man... I've got my AT search set for Solstice Coupes, too, so....

But the only car I'd give up my Sky RL for would maybe be an '09 RL in Ruby Red or an '08 Carbon Flash... if either were fully loaded and a steal, at that. Even then, I'd undo the mods I could to put them in the new car. :)
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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