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Hi all,
I have a 2007 solstice with a 2.4 liter with manual 5 speed transmission. it had a turbo engine in it and someone blew that up. Had to go back to stock with this vehicle. but not sure if transmission has been replaced or what. but it does not have the 45 degree bolt holes in tail shaft for the rear transmission mount. It has a side mounted aftermarket bracket on the transmission that is annoying because it bounces off the body every time the clutch is released. I want to go with the side mount bracket that wraps around bottom of transmission from GM. From one of earlier threads there are a few pictures and drawings of it. but looking for part number. I am new at pontiacs and so far my parts people have not been helpful. If they cant look it up by vin they cant seem to help me. Sort of frustrating....

I am looking for the side mounted transmission bracket part number. the under transmission finishing mount that the transmission rubber mount bolts too.

I think I have a later tail shaft or a later transmission. Torque mount between transmission and rear end has been deleted. Has aftermarket mount that is hitting body and grounding out at all times. Whomever had it before tried spacing the transmission rear mount up to keep bracket from hitting body.... 10 washers on each stud. Probably the best that it can be. but it is noisy as heck and irritating.

Any help someone has for stock mounting bracket that mounts on side of transmission would be greatly appreciated.

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