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We haven't posted here much lately, but you may have seen some of our Kappaccino posts in this forum in the past.

I just thought I'd share that we've put together a nice Sunday afternoon country drive. Dave has graciously agreed to organize and lead the event and we're all looking forward to it. This one will start out just North of the Triangle at Handy Andy's in Rougemont, NC, heading up just over the Virginia border and a stop or two along the way before ending back at Handy Andy's. There will be some nice views for sure as we'll be around Mayo and Hyco reservoirs. Toward the end of the drive we'll stop at Buoy's Bar & Grill, 9510 Semora Rd, Semora, NC 27343 for a bite to eat. I hope you can join us!

September 9th, 2 PM start time.

Facebook Event Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/425091817895749/

Direction list: https://1drv.ms/w/s!Aq6b1YPEj0KTqIsV_D3XbuBVDhGtqw

Route map: https://binged.it/2wtdudM

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