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This motor was disassembled before I got it. It appears to be complete except for the following parts:

Fuel Injectors and fuel rail are missing,
Throttle. body was disassembled and although there is a bag of parts for it, the idler gear seems to be missing. It may be there somewhere, but I haven't come across it.
The valve cover is damaged like something fell on it or was smashed into it. It has been repaired and looks to be useable but should be replaced... In my Opinion!
The engine is mostly dis-assembled except for the bottom end. Oil pan is still on it. Cylinder head and manifolds are just sitting in place.
Easily to inspect if you care to. Looks to be in like new condition, no idea of mileage.
It has run as noted by the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and tops of pistons.
This is the direct injection version of the EcoTec. (NOT PORT INJECTION).
Auction includes everything except the Turbocharger and Catalytic converter.

Located in the Ventura, CA area.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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