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Well you guys have been a wealth of information, so I am hoping it will continue. I am thinking at this point that I need to pull my turbo and have it tested. This is the first car I've owned that had a turbo with issues. I'm good with tools, just looking for a little direction.

However, after a few days I started to notice the following problems:

1. Engine idling rough, but smooths out when you take off the oil fill cap. Also, getting a small amount of oil around the oil fill cap too, and it is leaking onto the valve cover (couple drops at most).

2. Got some oil under the Turbo (hard to see) and I am getting some on the ground under the turbo (just started).

Does anyone have a guideline on how to remove the turbo?

In a previous post I was having issues. Some of the issues were fixed, but now it seems that others are coming back or manifesting.


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