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Update on my car...

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Hey everybody first off thank you so much for your help thank you for your patience and thank you for sticking with me. I know it takes me a while to get back to reading the replies and posting reply of my own, I mean no disrespect, my life at the moment is extremely hectic and every turn of the hour in a day is overwhelming. Which makes all of these issues that much more stressful.

After being snowed in for 2 days and after several frustrating and failed attempts at somebody's metal ramps that I had borrowed I got it to a garage today with the drive on lift and finally had the oil changed. I told the guy that I have a suspicion that there is a lot more oil in the car than there should be if you all recall I just had said that on the dipstick the oil went far past the max line.

I knew I wasn't crazy and my suspicions were validated. There was almost just shy of a full quart more than there should be. One of my friends was with me and he said no that's right there should be six quarts because you have to account for the filter. To which I pulled out the owner's manual to show him that the car takes exactly 5 quarts of oil that's including the oil filter, so 5 quarts total.

Now I know why the blowback the oil on the spark plugs as well as why there was oil just a little bit but oil nevertheless seeping through one of the charge tubes.

When I got in the car I went to do the oil reset procedure and to my surprise and I'm not sure how but the car had done it on its own, it read 100%. Also I don't know if I had mentioned to any of you I think I have I'm not sure I took a picture of it though, but my coolant overflow tank they also they meaning previous owner had also filled the coolant tank way past the cold fill line, and I mean way past. When the car was in operating temperature the entire overflow tank was filled to the top. I'm really to be honest with you I'm really surprised how I have not managed to blow a gasket or something far worse because I did not know of these things when I first got the car and I was really ragging on it because everyone wanted to get into a little back and forth race with me on the highway.

That being said, the oil was the first step I wanted to get all the oil out and replace it with new oil and filter and of course at the appropriate level before I did the plugs. I started the car this morning and the smell was so rich I felt like if I were to light a match in the garage would have went up in flames LOL so in a few minutes I am going to do the plugs that's so badly need to be done. Just to reiterate, I have the NGK iridium IX part number 4344 and they are the same plugs that are in the car. Now the Gap out of the box as I had said is 044, the gap on the plugs that I removed from the car are 036. So before I get started I am contemplating whether or not I should bring the gap on the plugs that I have down to 036, or 040 to kind of get it right in the middle being that they are 044. Or do you guys think that I should just drop them in as is and if it's not running like I wanted to then take them out and drop them the 040 test it and again if no good bring it to 036?

But I want to say I posted on Facebook there's a group in my area specifically you know just like a family's of my area group and a couple of days ago I had posted asking if anybody had Rhino ramps that I could borrow so that I could do an oil change on my car. Turns out literally right down the street from me is a gentleman who is also mechanic as well as has a lift at his house however it's not a roll on, but he did have ramps and he graciously drove them to my house and left them for me as I was not home yet. He then told me I could keep them for a week because he's going away to Ireland I said Thank you very much. So they were the metal ramps and wouldn't you know it I go to drive the car up before I did that of course I pushed the ramps to the tire and realized that my car is so low that halfway up the whole front end would have been gouged on the sides of the ramp. So I have some very strong wood perfect size fit right into the ramp the width of the ramp I didn't have many pieces but I had enough to help with the angle of my car and the ramp. Luckily I had my mother to help me, good old mom to the rescue LOL, and as I started to drive the car I went up onto the wood blocks which I thought were going to be enough and my mother screams stop stop stop! So I pulled the e-brake up I get out of the car and I go and look and still the car would have scraped the bottom had I went a fraction more. I was out of wood and I was out of ideas. Very discouraging. I did find some extra pieces of wood but they were longer and thinner but I did make a contraption and measured everything out everything looked good except when I went to go pull the car up the wood no matter how gentle I was was slipping down and after several attempts I threw my arms up and once again defeated. Then we got hit with a gigantic snow storm where we got close to a foot of snow and I was snowed in for 2 days. Today I made phone calls to some garages in my area and I found one that was available to take me right away that had a roll on lift and I told them that I had my own oil brought the car over roll they rolled it on to the lift and up she went for the oil change.


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Excess oil = not good. In addition to the symptoms you expressed I've been instructed that excess oil can cause it to foam and that affects the engine's ability to distribute it. That leads to unlubricated areas of the engine which accelerates wear.

The excess coolant I believe to be less problematic because there is an overflow on the tank.

Glad you're sorting things out.
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