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OK, let's preface this with the simple fact that the wait, relatively short as mine has been (so far) has made me a bit "loopy".

Today, my salesman (Jim, quite a guy!) emails me and tells me that my dealership's first Solstice (I'm #2) has been invoiced and may arrive in the next few days. (I know, I know, I've been following the shipping delays.)

Anyway, when it does arrive, I'll be allowed (by the owner!) to take a quick test drive. I am pumped just to be able to see one in person, much less drive one.

This car was preferenced on 10/6 and invoiced today 11/11 (probably yesterday 11/10). Did not get a VIN for this car.

Now I've only got to wait for mine to make it into (and OUT OF!) the system and into my garage.

Calming down now...

--Chemist (my diecast I ordered Monday arrived this afternoon!)
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