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I dropped by my dealer yesterday to see if they had placed my order yet :cuss: It'll be this Thursday, they say... :brentil: I've only been on the list since April... guess I wasn't first allocation after all.

Anyway, sitting in the showroom was a beautiful deep Solstice! Vin #1377.
This is the first to arrive at NuCar Pontiac in Newark, DE. Second ordered, but first to come in. The owner is picking it up today. It's actually been at the dealership for a couple of days (owner on vacation). I don't know who the lucky driver is, though. I walked all around it and totally fell in love with the car all over again.
It is beautiful! My heart started beating faster just looking at it! The sales guys probably thought I was nuts.

I wanted to get in it so badly, but out of respect for the lucky stiff, I kept hands off.
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