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Yesterday was Lucky13's birthday and I was hoping the car would arrive
Lucky13 is my wife
It didn't make until today
That wouldn't be to bad except my wife was leaving today for 2 weeks in WI
The call came just before 9AM
My wife was schedule to be at the airport at noon
The salesman drove to the office to pick me up and take me to the dealership
Thanks Scott!
He didn't even take time to get ready for work, came in shorts and t-shirt
They checked it out, no cleaning or prep
Minimal instuctions, quick spin with Scott, and I was off
Went to pick my wife up from work
She got to drive her New Solstice back to my car (maybe 5 miles)
No way we were going to get her suitcase in that car
Then off to the airport
I can't say what I've been doing since she left, my instructions were to park it
:devil: ;)
Wouldn't want to upset the wife :)
What a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ride!!!!
Car had 40 miles on it for those that want to know



Check out the dedicated supersalesman

Does anyone know how to reset the odometer? ;) ;) :devil:

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Congratulayions on your new car. :party:

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Tell her you heard some noise, and took it back to the dealer to have them take a look at it. They off course had to drive it around to hear the problem. Didn't here anything and you took it home. Got lost, wound up at the Canadian border.
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