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Wanting to buy new wheels

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Using a 15mm 5x110 to 5x114.3 adapter to fit 4 XXR 521 18x10 Flat Black 5-/5-120 [+25mm]

how far will that poke out? I not very familiar with will fitment but will it stick out 30mm?
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55mm offset
65.1mm center bore
5x110mm PCD
~26 lbs (24.6 – 27)

Those are the stock specs. Depends on tires you are using, it may work. It will probably stick out an inch more which will be outside fender a touch. 275s would be closer. There are many calculators out there, and reputable places can confirm fitment before purchase.

Dont take my word, as I am not the expert. I am just a guy with the same car looking at rims also.
worse than that I'd say.

let's see.

spacer moves it 15 mm out.
os moves it another 30 mm out.
2 inch wider wheels moves it another 25.4 mm out.

That's a total of over 70 mm out.
Stock wheels are +55, his adapter and wheels= +40 which is less before adding in the extra width which should be evenly inside and outside. If the adapter and wheel were +55 then the increased width would fail. If the wheels were 8 inches, then they would work well as I am looking at +42 wheels at 8inches

I understand better now too. Thanks for the lesson. My apology for the mistake, but it made this thread more popular.
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