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Hi folks,

The West Coast Kappa Car Club will be re-running last fall's Pebbles & Rocky run in two weeks.

We start at 9:30am Pacific on Saturday, June 22, 2019.

Full details at https://www.facebook.com/events/2461397050615694/ and coming soon to westcoastkappacar.club

More details:

This run departs from Redwood City into the Woodside hills and curves, through Half Moon Bay (for a Dunkin stop). It continues down the coast by way of the Pigeon Point Light Station, on to 17 Mile Scenic Drive at Pebble Beach (hence “Pebbles”), and continuing down to dinner at Rocky Point Restaurant on the coast north of Big Sur (hence “Rocky”).

The November run of this route was a bit impaired by air pollution from the fall California fires, so we’re going to try it again with hopefully a larger turnout.

Members in good standing of the West Coast Kappas can participate for free - you're on your own for your donuts, snacks, gas, and meals of course, but there is no event fee for current members.

There is a $10.50 cash-only admission fee per car for the 17 Mile Drive at Pebble Beach; each car is on their own for this fee.

We welcome guests as well; you can either submit a waiver form and a $5 event fee (goes toward our insurance and other expenses), or join on the spot and your event fee will be covered for the term of your membership.

Questions are welcome; you can reply here, post on the Facebook event page, private message me here, or email robert at westcoastkappacar dot club.
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