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Welcome to the "Supporting Members Guild" for a lack of a better name right now.

This section is thread starter limited like the "Supporting Vendor News & Announcements" section. However it is limited to those belonging to the the Supporting Members programs. We've got 4 levels of Supporting Members and all Supporting Members can have access to start threads here.

The idea of the SMG is a place for Members to have an outlet for small run items, items that benefit a charity, or non-profit items. This section is not meant to be an area to start making profit off items being sold to other members in order to sell items for profit one must become a Supporting Vendor. The information about the various Supporting Member levels can be found here; http://www.solsticeforum.com/supporting.htm (note, sig images are a gold level benefit only). If you wish to become a Supporting Member you can do so from the User CP; http://www.solsticeforum.com/forum/payments.php

If you become a Supporting Member with the sole purpose of promoting a real product for sale and not an item intended for this area then your threads will be deleted and there will be no refund of the Supporting Member fee.

The Supporting Member Guild is restricted as follows;

  • Limited to only selling in the Supporting Member Guild section. You can not promote items outside of this section.
  • Only Supporting Members can start threads in the Supporting Member Guild.
  • Member must be a Supporting Member of [any level].
  • Members are limited to selling one maybe two items, however going beyond one requires permission from a Moderator/Admin.
  • Items must be limited profit items, small run items, not-for-profit items, or proceeds go to charity [if you are unsure please PM a Moderator or Admin first.
  • Items must be below a particular price limit [$25 or per basis permission for items over that].
  • Shipping values must be listed to protect from eBay style shipping rip offs.
If a member begins to approach the level of product movement or wants to sell more then 1~2 products, or increase the profit levels you will have to become a Supporting Vendor.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask/post.

Also this will be a trial run of the system since we've never done it before. We keep the right to end the SMG at any time if we feel it's purpose is being twisted or any other various reason.
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