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I think most people know I am working on logos and merchandise items for the West Coast and the national club. I didn't want to keep plugging up the event planning thread with this stuff.

I had mentioned that if anyone is interested that I can do a celandar featuring the cars and people at the event. I can also do a West Coast calendar for people who have already gotten their cars if there are 13 delivered. And lastly, I can do individual calendars. Either a 12 month calendar with a different picture each month or a 1-year calendar with one big picture at the top.

SolLate sent me a few pics of his car and I mocked one up using his car. His has a white background so I added some graphics but a scenic background works too.

I just post a disclaimer here that if anyone is bothered by me making these items available, please let me know. I already have the store set up for other events so I thought some people might like it. I make a couple of bucks (literally) off of each item sold and I figure that goes towards the computer time of editing the pictures and stuff. I just don't want anyone to think I am taking advantage of anyone.


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