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Little news blurb about the Solstice radio (not sure which one they are talking about). Pretty cool feature, bandless radio presets...why didn't I think of that ;) .

What’s New in On-the-Go Entertainment
- July, 20 2005

It wasn’t so long ago that the new “in” thing in mobile entertainment was the portable CD player. Now nearly all the car manufacturers offer the option of adding advanced entertainment systems to their vehicles. From built in game systems and DVD players to digital and XM radios, you can have it all!

When the 2006 models hit the showrooms, they’ll be decked out with options no one would have even dreamed of just ten years ago. No more basic radios. They have all the bells and whistles. Take for example the new upscale stereo system available on several General Motors vehicles, including Saturn’s Vue sports utility, Ion coupe and Ion sedan.

Not only does it come with a CD player, AM/FM radio and the ability to receive and play XM satellite radio, but a front-mounted auxiliary jack that allows the user to plug in and play their MP3 player, IPod or Dell DJ through the car speakers. “If you still have old books on tape or cassettes with your favorite music, you can use the jack to plug in a tape player then listen to it through the car’s stereo system too,” says Jill Lajdziak of Saturn.

Another advanced feature is how the radio handles presets. No more toggling back and forth between bands. The system can store up to 36 of your favorite stations from the AM and FM dials or XM radio side-by-side. When you get to your favorite station, the digital display shows the call letters, the name of the artist and the song playing (if the station is sending that information through its signal).

Car radios aren’t the only on-the-go entertainment option where technology is traveling at light speed. Passengers now have the ability to play video games or watch movies in the back seat and listen to the audio through the car stereo on one channel while front-seat passengers listen to the radio or CDs on another. Speaker systems have matured with age too. They used to just be built in to the doors, but cars now come with speakers strategically placed in the front, back, sides and even the ceiling.

For more information about all the entertainment options available in Saturn vehicles, log on to www.saturn.com. The radio described in this article is also available in the Chevrolet HHR, Pontiac Solstice, Cadillac DTS and Buick Lucerene.

Courtesy of ARA Content

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Won't be using the radio (if at all), but nice feature!
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