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Hello attendees to NASSM 2012! For those of you that don’t know me, I am Kim Neely, AKA MS Solstice on the forums. I just wanted to announce, with the gracious permission of George “Duck” Armistead and Stewart “Va Sky”, Karen “Shiny” Wood and I, along with a very infamous group of female Kappa owners, will be conducting a “What’s in the Box” silent auction to benefit ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Please know that this auction is separate from the chosen charity of NASSM 2012. Karen’s longtime friend and boss, Vinnie Cullen, was recently diagnosed with bulbar ALS. Karen, being the most wonderful person with a very big heart, has organized co-workers, family and friends to form a team, Cullen’s Crusaders. This team will be participating in the Long Island ALS walk in September of this year.

As all of you know, Kappa owners themselves have very big hearts, and have supported many wonderful charities over the years. We would like to continue that tradition by holding a “What’s in the Box” silent auction at this year’s NASSM. This auction will take place Friday night, June 22nd, from 8-9 pm. The location of the auction will be announced at a later date.

What exactly is a “What’s in the Box” silent auction you ask? It’s a fun little game that is played using donations that are provided by the attendees, vendors, or anyone else that would like to participate. We ask that participants purchase a “gift” of at least a $10 value. Once you have purchased the “gift” please keep your purchase a secret by wrapping your “gift”, or bringing it to me when you arrive so that I can wrap it and keep your secret! And yes, you can donate more than one “gift”. On Friday night, these “gifts” will be placed up for auction. Minimum bids will start at $10, and the bidding will be open for one hour. The auction is open to anyone, even if you didn’t donate a “gift”, but the more “gifts” we have, the more money we can raise! At the end of that hour, the person with the highest bid on each “gift” is declared the winner, and will be presented their “gift”. The game comes into play when you find that special present that you know you just are dying to see what’s inside, and you find out that someone else is too! There is no maximum bid on any “gifts”, and we ask everyone to remember in the spirit of this game, all money from this event will go directly to ALS.

Your “gift” can be anything from Kappa related items, to gift cards, or anything else your creative mind comes up with. Vendors will also be participating, so your "gift" could be worth anywhere from $10 to who knows!!!! Please feel free to message me if you have any additional questions concerning this auction. I have included a link below for that you can use for additional information on Cullen’s Crusaders, and ALS. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Walk to Defeat ALS®: Long Island Walk
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