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Hello all-
Another wheel question (yawn). I've searched the wheel threads ..lots of info but I need a definitive answer. I'd like a set of Gravana J2's, but from what I've read, NLA and presently only one for sale on ebay. My next choice is Enkei Amado,EKM3 or Lusso style.
I am running stock sized Hankook v12's on 18" rims. (not staggered)
The Enkei wheels are showing a 5/110 with a 40mm offset. Ours being 55, will I have rubbing/interference issues front or rear. I'm not interested in spacers,redrilling,etc..just straightforward bolt ons. Any opinions on these wheels?
Any knowledgeable info greatly appreciated.Sorry for an often posted inquiry.
Thanks in advance,
John Coryea
2006 Sly NA
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