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Where Does The Line Form?

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Just curious...I've never "pre-ordered" a car before - but the Solstice has me ready to do just that! If this thing looks at all in production like it does right now, I will be ready to buy as soon as the car becomes available. How will we know when it's time to contact a local dealer? Or do we leave contact info with them and wait for the phone to ring?
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The answer to your question seems to be "it depends on the local dealer." I walked into my local Pontiac dealer 2 months ago and asked to be put on the Solstice list. The first salesman that I encountered had no idea what I was talking about :crazy !

Forunately, the manager on duty DID, but he said that their policy was not to start a list until they get official information about the car. He said that would probably not be until January or February; meanwhile, he could put me on a mailing list :rolleyes so that I would get information shortly after they (the dealer) did. Other folks here on the board are already on some kind of a list, and I guess they'll complete the details (interior/exterior colors, options) when their dealers get that info.

I'm cool with all this as long as the system works - you can bet that if I don't hear anything by the end of January, I'll be back in the showroom!
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I have a really nice local dealer. He has assured me that I will get the first Solstice he gets. He'll let me know when he is able to order the car. I'm in a really small town and we all get personal service. He says that he hasn't received any information on the car as of today 9/22/2004. I talk to him every morning when he stops by my store. This has been the longest wait for me for any vehicle. Wish it was ready today.
Welcome to the forum MNM! I would guess that the best thing to do would be for you to call your local dealer, or take a ride down and talk to them in person. I’d also ask to talk directly with the business manager since he probably would know a lot more about any list they have for the Solstice than the salesmen out on the floor.

Your other option may be to contact GTOJ on this forum. He is a dealer that is on the forum and he has started a list.
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