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Whistle/Whine at 2500rpm

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Hey guys so I actually posted about this a little over a year ago and I've still been battling this damn sound.

My car's fast approaching 110,000 miles with nothing major been replaced since I got it at 96,000 miles. I'm not sure what's been changed before.

So my car makes this odd whistle/whine whenever I accelerate and hold it around 2500rpm. Basically there's no way for me to cruise without having whine. Once I get up into 55mph+ it ceases to whine when cruising but letting the rpms drop and accelerating again brings it back.

Doesn't make the sound in neutral. Is more pronounced when the car is cold. Seems to come from the front of the car. No engine codes, nothing.

Only problem I've had since getting the car is battling a finicky thermostat and that's it.

Does ANYONE have any idea? This sound cannot be normal. It's simply too abnormal. :(
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Is it a GXP? If you have a GXP, do you have a CAI? If you answered yes to either question, it's pretty normal. Especially if you have an air leak somewhere in the system. Have you replaced the air filter? If not, it might be letting very little air through and it's time to replace it. Now if it's more of a whine then a whistle, then that's different. Where is it coming from? Do you have an auto or manual? If it's a "whine" then it could be your transmission. Just need more info because whine/whistle's are hard to diag!
I always forget about including those details haha.

It's a 2008 NA Automatic, 110k Miles.
Chain related maybe?
Could be a waterpump beginning to fail maybe. I have the same noise at almost 70k
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